Cultural Anthropology Intern Program Meeting

Friday December 4, 2009  4:00-5:00 pm; Liberty Ballroom B, 3rd Floor

From the Editors:

As editors of Cultural Anthropology, we are working to both extend the journal's readership (within and beyond the discipline) and to build dialogue among SCA members about past trends and future directions. To help with this, we have established an Editorial Intern Program through which SCA graduate students can be involved in these journal efforts. Graduate students who become Editorial Interns will be asked to choose a topic that they want to "cover" for the journal, building and circulating a list of relevant essays (for examples, see the "Themes" list), building supplemental pages on the journal website and encouraging critical dialogue about the topic (see the Virtual Issueand Forum sections of the website, and Public Advisory Board Sessions at the AAA Meetings). We believe this kind of involvement and effort will be good for the journal, and good for SCA as a community.

Graduate students who are interested in hearing more are invited to an introductory meeting at the upcoming AAA meetings, on Friday, December 4th from 4:00-5:00 pm (just prior to the SCA Business Meeting and Prize Ceremony).

Also please be in touch if you are interested, but won't be attending the AAA meetings - contact Alison Kenner We will schedule a phone meeting the week of December 14th where we will go over the program again and respond to any questions. 

Short proposals for participation in spring 2008 will be due January 11, 2009.