Call for Essays "In Translation"

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The editorial board of Cultural Anthropology has decided that the journal should periodically publish translations of writings of noteworthy significance among cultural analysts that work in languages other than English. The initiative will contribute to the AAA's Long Range Plan, Objective X: "The AAA will expand collegial and organizational collaboration across international and disciplinary boundaries."

Each translation submission will be sponsored and introduced by someone who can situate the text for English-language readers. Submissions will be peer reviewed at two stages: Before the translation is actually undertaken, we will request feedback on the significance of the writings proposed to be published in translation. After the translation is complete, we will seek feedback on the quality of the translation itself.

At present, Cultural Anthropology does not have funding to support any part of the translation process. The sponsor of a translation must coordinate the process through all the stages necessary for getting a translation in polished form. This is likely to require substantial editing in addition to professional translation. The sponsor should thus plan on handling all negotiations with original authors, checking key terms, stylistic smoothing, etc. Sponsor’s will also need to assist in the identification of reviewers (at both stages described above). Members of Cultural Anthropology’s editorial board with translation experience are available for consultation on these issues.

To initiate a submission "In Translation," please upload the following to CA’s submission website ( 1) A brief abstract describing the proposed translation and its significance (which will be sent out with review requests). 2) As "the manuscript," a more in-depth introduction to the piece describing its content and significance, including a translation of the original abstract (if available). 3) As "supplemental content," the original piece. In your cover letter, please also suggest reviewers who can comment on the piece’s significance and relevance to CA readers.

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