Welcome to the Visual and New Media Review

Visual and New Media Review is a curated blog that features the current work of anthropologists, artists and other scholars working at the intersection of ethnography, visual and digital media, and other modes of non-textual oriented scholarship. Here you will find articles, interviews, news on film festivals and other relevant events as well as a showcase of work relevant to ethnographic film, multimedia ethnography, digital humanities and innovative media projects that are pushing the boundaries of scholarly production.  

Increasingly, scholars are utilizing technology to explore the boundaries between art, film, ethnography and other forms of scholarship. All the features in the blog share a concern with understanding the ways in which aesthetics can serve to find nuanced ways of engaging with anthropological concerns. What kind of scholarship and knowledge can be produced if we engage the aesthetic and analytical possibilities of non-textual mediums? This blog seeks to foster discussions surrounding the ways non-textual forms can augment and compliment anthropological inquiry.  

We kick off the Visual and New Media Review with an interview with award winning ethnographic filmmakers Verena Paravel and J.P. Sniadecki about their recent film Foreign Parts.   Enjoy!

Image citation: Don Perucho. "My Old Camera." October 7, 2007, via Flickr.