SCA April - May Digest

Lots of exciting new content has gone up at Cultural Anthropology Online during April and May! Here are the highlights of what we’ve been up to.

Here you'll find: the May 2013 issue of CA, the new Screening Room film series, more Teaching Tools, new Field Notes on Disaster and Ethics, and much more.

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The May 2013 issue of CA is now out!

* The issue features articles by Richard Handler, Kevin Lewis O'Neill, and Susan Cook and Rebecca Hardin, as well as a cluster of articles on "Cityscapes." Cityscapes authors include Christina Schwenkel, Daniella Gandolfo, Andrew Alan Johnson, Michael Fisch, and Erik Harms.

Browse the table of contents and access the essays.

Our website has supplemental content for each essay, including author interviews, multimedia links, class discussion questions, and more.

NEW WEBSITE FEATURE | The Screening Room

* Beginning with this month's feature film "Roots of Love," the CA website will host a monthly online documentary screening and discussion with an ethnographic filmmaker.

Teaching Tools

* Paula Serafini has created a page for teaching indigenous movements in Latin America. It's a great collection of discussion questions, images, videos, reading lists, and further resources!

* In her Fieldsights post "Online Resources and Blogging as Pedagogical Tools" Katya Wesolowski explains how she uses Internet resources such as CA author Danny Hoffman's photo essay "Corpus: Mining the Border" in classroom exercises.

You can find this and many more "Teaching Tools" on the CA website.

Field Notes

* Concluding our Field Notes series on the theme of Disaster, Kim Fortun notes that "there is disaster when there is no prescribed way to respond, when the world outruns our capacity to make sense of it, when we are in a desperately reactive mode.”

* The Field Notes series on Ethics

* Field Notes Provocation: Hayder Al-Mohammad starts off our discussion on ethics by asking: "What if we were to say that ethics begins at the 'with' of social being, and not the self or the subject?"

* Open Access: Field Notes writer Hayder Al-Mohammad’s CA essay on the social contingency and precariousness of "A Kidnapping in Basra" as well as an interview inspired by this "terrifying and profound" essay can be found through our Open Access directory

*Field Notes Translation: P. Joshua Griffin situates the ongoing discussion on ethics vis-a-vis scales of analysis, modes of writing, and sites of being with.

* Field Notes Deviation: Peter Benson talks Ethics, Tobacco, and the Global South

* Field Notes Integration: Clara Han finishes up our Field Notes on Ethics, asking, “What might be the toll of being constantly and utterly present to the multiple ways in which I am permeated by the unethical (akin to being constantly aware of my own heartbeat)?"

Anthro Happenings

* We hope you all voted in the AAA elections, which ended Friday. We hope you had your say on the SCA Ballot Measure to create a board position for a Web Director.

In our ShareCA Open Access database

* Jean Langford's 2003 and 2009 essays – “Traces of Folk Medicine in Jaunpur” and “Gifts Intercepted: Biopolitics and Spirit Debt” – are now also part of our Open Access ShareCA directory.

* Open Access Highlight: James Clifford's reflections on "Feeling Historical" 25 years after the publication of Writing Culture is now part of our Open Access ShareCA directory.

* Current Events, Persistent Issues: In light of the ongoing prisoner protests at Guantanamo Bay, we would like to draw your attention to the ongoing CA conversation about prisons. Check out Chris Garces' (open access!) essay about prisons in Ecuador.

Curated Collection Highlights

* Four years ago we were talking about swine flu, affect in nuclear America and bio-threats in our Curated Collection on Security.

* If you've not already seen the most recent Curated Collection on Affect, Embodiment and Sense Perception you can check it out here.

* Following up on on the Cityscape collection in the May issue of CA, check out CA's curated collection on Infrastructure. This exploration of the social complexity of urban environments includes an introduction by AbdouMaliq Simone, a commentary from invited CA authors, and an overview from Filip De Boeck.

* Are you looking for a summer reading list that combines the anthropological and the literary? In his interview with CA, Stuart Mclean wrote that his list would include: The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice, Derek Walcott’s Omeros, John Berger’s Pig Earth, Haruki Murakami’s A Wild Sheep Chase, Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus and Salman Rushdie’s The Moor’s Last Sigh.

* Interested in similar Literary-Anthropology reading lists from Ruth Behar, Elizabeth Enslin, and Vincent Crapanzano? Check out their interviews in our Curated Collection on Writing, Literature and Anthropology.

Current Events

* If you have not already, check out the troubling findings from a survey on sexual harassment in anthropology.

Hot Spot Highlights

* Julia Elyachar and Jessica Winegar's CA Hotspot on Revolution in Egypt has been featured in recent analysis of Post-Mubarak Egypt by Mark Allen Peterson.

*A year ago, Carolyn McGranahan and Ralph Litzinger put curated a collection of essays on self-immolation in Tibet as part of our Tibet Hot Spot.