SCA June Digest

The summer months are upon us, but SCA is not taking any time off! We’ve been busy posting new content at our website to keep you informed and engaged with cutting edge research in our discipline.

We’ve also got some great new materials coming out later this summer, including the inauguration of a new podcast, more Field Notes blog posts, and the August issue of Cultural Anthropology. So keep checking back at our website, like us on Facebook (search for “Cultural Anthropology”), and follow us on Twitter (@culanth) for all the latest updates.

In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to in June:

Hot Spot: Mali

Our Hot Spots series brings anthropological perspectives to recent events around the world. June saw the publication of our series analyzing the 2012 Mali coup d’etat.

* Stephen Wooden introduces and situates “Hot Spot: Mali” with: "Folo Folo Kuma or a Prefatory World."

* Wooden and SCA have brought together a diverse group of anthropologists, historians, and religious studies scholars from Mali and abroad, including:  Bruce Whitehouse, Stephen Wooten, William G. Moseley, Kassim Kone, Baz Lecocq, Rosa De Jorio, Gregory Mann, Sekou Berte, Isaie Dougnon, Phil Paoletta, Dianna Bell, Benjamin Soares, Janet Goldner, Shamil Jeppie, Angela Montague, and Heather Maxwell.

SCA Announcements and News

* We are thrilled to announce that Dominic Boyer (Professor of Anthropology, Rice University) will take the helm as the new editor of Cultural Anthropology, starting in 2014. Boyer will lead an editorial collective, including James Faubion and Cymene Howe, based at Rice University. Please help us welcome our new, incoming editorial team.

Cultural Anthropology has some new rules for submitting to the journal. Society for Cultural Anthropology President Brad Weiss has the details here.

Field Notes: Invisibilities

During the month of June, the website featured a new addition to our Field Notes series, looking at Invisibilities:

* Ali Kenner explored the topic of breathing in her opening Provocation, "On Making Breath Visible."

* J. Brent Crosson asks us to consider the politics of opacity in Trinidad and Tobago with his Translation, “Spirits of the Dead and the Politics of Invisibility.”

* Robert Toledo looks at breakdown situations in his Deviation, “Visibilizing the Invisible Operation of Racism in French Psychosocial Institutions.”

* Micah Rahder concludes the series on Invisibilities with his “Integration,” reflecting on the back and forth of visibility and invisibility in Guatemala.

Be sure to check back at our website throughout the month of July for our next Field Note, “Unformed Objects,” as four new authors reflect on the ways ethnographies of science and process take shape.

New Open Access Material on Share-CA

As Cultural Anthropology prepares to move toward full open-access next year, we have added three additional articles to our ShareCA Open Access directory. The essays and supplemental materials can be found at the links below:

* Cymene Howe: “Spectacles of Sexuality: Televisionary Activism in Nicaragua.”

* Cymene Howe: “Queer Pilgrimage: The San Francisco Homeland and Identity Tourism."

* Susan Cook and Rebecca Hardin engage with the contested issues of sovereignty and governance in "Performing Royalty in Contemporary Africa."

Additional Content on the Website

Also on the website during June, Eric W. Davis offered up some initial impressions on accumulation by dispossession in Cambodia.

As fast-developing events reshape Egypt once again, we call your attention to our 2012 Hot Spots featurette, “Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Egypt a Year after January 25th.”

[Thumbnail Image: Veronique de Viguerie, "Hundreds of Tuareg rebels have recently stormed towns in Mali's northern desert," Februrary 5, 2012, New York Times.]