Teaching Tools for the New Semester

When Cultural Anthropology Online first launched in 2007, one of our aims was to build an archive of supplemental material that would enable and inspire educators to teach with CA articles. Today, thanks to the work of our editorial interns, our journal archive has nearly 200 article supplemental pages. These pages include information about the author, links to related CA articles, videos and images, links to organizations and news stories mentioned in the article, and discussion questions. More recently, we've begun to interview authors about their articles as well.

In an effort to continue building CA's teaching resources, we established a teaching tools committee who would experiment with developing resources that could be used to teach cultural anthropology. This week we'll be posting a few of our first "Teaching Tools" -- two posts by Louise Beryl which describe techniques for in-class teaching, and a lesson plan on the Occupy movement by Paula Serafini, which compliments last years Hot Spot "Occupy, Anthropology, and the 2011 Global Uprisings."

We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback as we continue to develop CA teaching tools!

Pedagogical Tools:

In Class Actvities by Louise Beryl

Bloom's Taxonomy by Louise Beryl

"Backwards Design" for Syllabus Development by Louise Beryl

Lesson Plans:

Teaching Occupy by Paula Serafini

Elmira College, "Classroom Work." May 7, 2009 via Flickr.