Fat: Integration


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This month's Field Notes on "Fat" concludes with this "Integration" by Michael Montoya. See Susan Greenhalgh's "Provocation," Jessica Hardin's More...

Generating Capitalism


Laura Bear, Karen Ho, Anna TsingOpen author orcid page in new window and Sylvia Yanagisako posted in Theorizing the Contemporary on with 0 comments

Posts in this Series Anthropological and broader social-scientific critiques of capitalism have faced two related analytical puzzles: First, if More...

Call for New Interns


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The editorial internship program plays a crucial part in the mission of the Society for Cultural Anthropology. Interns produce the majority of the More...

Ukraine and Russia: The Agency of War


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The war in Russia and Ukraine is as much a war of consciousness and ideologies as it is a war of militias with guns, tanks, and Buk missile launchers. More...

Ebola in Perspective


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Since early 2014, the international coverage of Africa has been dominated by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Much of that coverage represents the More...

The Wheel of Crisis in Thailand


Felicity Aulino, Eli Elinoff, Claudio SopranzettiOpen author orcid page in new window and Ben Tausig posted in Hot Spots on with 0 comments

For decades, Thailand has been entangled in a cycle of political turmoil that oscillates between elections, street protests, and coups both military More...