Issue 26.4, November 2011


FROM THE EDITORS' INTRODUCTION - This issue brings together three clusters of essays, each organized around a different theme: water, secularism, and love as a political concept. The genesis and format differ in each case. The essays on water flowed in as independent submissions that we clustered after the fact. Those on secularism emerged from a panel engaging the recent work of Talal Asad and William Connolly on the secular, and were brought to us by the panel organizers, Charles Hirschkind and Matt Scherer. And ‘love as a political concept’ erupted out of the excitement generated by a talk on the subject that our colleague, Michael Hardt, gave at Duke. Soliciting him to write this as a short thought piece for CA, we are fortunate that he agreed as did two commentators, Lauren Berlant and Lawrence Cohen, whom we asked to weigh in—on Michael’s and their own take on the matter—almost overnight.

The November issue also includes a Playlist, featuring recent reads by Bruce Grant, Judith Farquhar, Judith "Jack" Halberstam, George Marcus, Donald Moore, and Diane Nelson.