Issue 22.4, November 2007


Essay Excerpt -

If the reflexive destabilization of products preoccupies marketing executives, then it is fair to say that it also preoccupies many consumers. What sort of possibilities for alternative forms of joint action—for making new publics—emerge as the commodity networks enrolling consumers lengthen to include actors and interests operating at different spatial scales?...The concerns of the India Resource Center about water tables in India have been linked to the concerns of many trade unionists and student antisweatshop activists over allegations of T[UR1] he Coca-Cola Company’s complicity, through its bottlers, in labor violence in Colombia.  These concerns have called into being a public distributed across the planet, a public assembled out of individuals and groups—some of whom might well seem alien to each other—affected in different ways by the externalities of corporate practice.

- Robert Foster, “The Work of the New Economy”