Issue 26.1, February 2011


The February 2011 issue inaugurates Anne Allison and Charles Piot as editors of Cultural Anthropology. Their first issue focuses on "Futures of Neoliberalism," a theme which will be featured in one issue each year. In the "Editors' Greeting", Allison and Piot address the challenges neoliberalism presents to the field of anthropology:

"Although fully acknowledging critiques of the phrase—its totalizing reach, its eliding of other histories, its privileging of political-economy, its application to almost everything today—we feel that it has also provided an enormously productive rubric for anthropologists trying to come to terms with global transformation since the end of the Cold War. Among its defining features are state pullback and decentralization, NGOization, the privatization and marketization of almost everything, financialization and the emergence of the consumer citizen, the explosion of apocalyptic religiosities, and class consolidation and growing inequality. Any anthropology of the contemporary must engage some aspect of these phenomena."

In addition to the five articles below, the February issue features a number of photos from Cédric Gerbehaye's Congo in Limbo (2010), and "playlists" from five CA editorial board members -- lists of the books they're currently "listening" to. Also check out author interviews with Joceyln Chua and Andrea Muehlebach.