For Educators

The Cultural Anthropology website is designed to provide resources for educators who are teaching anthropology or other courses that engage with anthropological subjects.

Our article supplemental pages are structured to provide materials that flesh out and expand on our print publication. You can find discussion questions and links to other resources at the bottom of each supplemental page. Educators and students can also find images and videos referenced in the print article, or that engage with the article subject matter.

Our Theme and Area indexes gather articles in clusters that can be put in conversation with each other. This gives students the opportunity to explore what Cultural Anthropology has published on a specific theme or area, and to analyze gaps in the existing literature.

Curated collections bring five to seven articles together around a particular theme. Each curated collection includes an introduction to the theme and the collection of articles, a conversation with the authors, and commentary from a guest discussant. These collections are great for teaching specific units within a larger seminar.

You can also find thematic lesson plans, syllabi recommendations, pedagogical tools, and reflections on teaching in the Teaching Tools section.

Fieldsites hosts a number of different written and multimedia resourse, including: