For Readers

The Cultural Anthropology website is divided into several sections:

Cultural Anthropology, the SCA's Peer-Reviewed Journal

Cultural Anthropology's first print issue came out in 1986. Since then, the journal has been published four times a year with content that includes original articles, editorials, review essays, commentaries, and book reviews. Starting in 2014, the journal becomes open access with new issues for anyone to read through the website. The society hopes to provide at least ten years of past volumes (2004–2013) as open access content in the fall of 2014. Readers wishing to obtain print copies of journal issues can purchase them through a number of online bookstores. Individual issues are available for purchase for one year from their initial publication date. Readers can subscribe to Cultural Anthropology's Atom feed, which delivers alerts about new articles as soon as they are published on the website.

When the Cultural Anthropology website first launched in 2007, we began to create supplemental pages for each article in the print journal. Article supplemental pages include article abstracts, links to other CA articles, images, videos, author biographies and interviews, reference lists, and discussion questions. Our contributing editors are in the process of building supplemental pages for the entire archive of the journal.

Photo Essays

In November 2012, the journal launched its first digital photo essay, "Corpus: Mining the Border" by Danny Hoffman. Cultural Anthropology hopes to publish new digital photo essays in 2014. Photo essays aim to further discussions on photography, the role of art and media in anthropology, and also the process and practice of peer review for these representative modes of ethnographic work. It is meant to be an invitation and a provocation.

Curated Collections

Drawing on Cultural Anthropology's digital archive, Curated Collections are thematized clusters of content that include supplemental pages for five to seven articles, author interviews, teaching resources, and commentary from an invited discussant. Curated Collections put articles and authors in conversation around a chosen theme, extending discussion from the print page into a space of engagement.

Fieldsights, the SCA's Blog

Fieldsights is a collection of blogs that includes posts from Cultural Anthropology's editorial staff, members of the Society for Cultural Anthropology, contributing editors, and guest authors. In Fieldsights, readers will find the latest SCA news and announcements; Hot Spots essay series focused on current global issues and emerging themes in anthropology; Field Notes conversations between four invited authors, reflecting on field work experiences; Visual and New Media Review film screening, critical reviews, and other posts on not-textual forms of scholarship; AnthroPod podcast conversations with Cultural Anthropology authors and other researchers; and Theorizing the Contemporary essay series on topics of current anthropological debate. These regular blogs, and other experiments in web-publishing, can all be found in the Fieldsights section of the website.

The SCA's Archive

You can learn more about the Society for Cultural Anthropology by exploring our organization's archive. The archive includes information about the society's current officers, descriptions of our meetings and lectures, prize announcements. We have also posted the society's bylaws.