Richard Handler on Anthropology and Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Education

On today's show, Prof. Richard Handler discusses his role in founding the Global Development Studies program at the University of Virginia and the ways anthropologists can contribute to similar undergraduate interdisciplinary programs in universities across the country.


Prof. Handler's May 2013 article in Cultural Anthropology is entitled "Disciplinary Adaptation and Undergraduate Desire: Anthropology and Global Development Studies in the Liberal Arts Curriculum." The article and additional supplemental material can be found here

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-- Prof. Handler's article and additional supplemental material can be found here

-- In this episode, Prof. Handler also refrences Robert Brightman's 1995 Cultural Anthropology article, "Forget Culture: Replacement, Transcendence, Relexification." Prof. Brightman's article can be found here

-- For more information on the University of Virginia's Global Development Studies Program, head to their website.

-- While there, you can also see Prof. Handler's website for more information on his other publications and research projects.  

Music: Sweeter Vermouth by Kevin MacLeod.