Contributing Editors Program

Contributing Editors create, edit, and curate digital content for the SCA website and social media feeds. Many of our innovative streams of web content started as the brainchild of one or two Contributing Editors, and the SCA prides itself on empowering and learning from early-career scholars. Through their participation in the Program, graduate students and recent PhDs also build networks across institutions and take part in mentoring and professionalization activities.

Contributing Editors are appointed for an initial two-year term, which can be extended once for a maximum term of four years; the next cohort will be selected in 2022.

Program Coordinators

Fieldsights Editor, 2020–2022

Shaozeng Zhang

Oregon State University | [email protected]

Shaozeng Zhang's long-term research focuses on Amazon forest conservation and the carbon market in the context of global climate change. Recently, he has been developing work on digital technologies, such as computer games and online social media. He is interested in integrating anthropological methodology into user-generated big data analysis and is currently working on an NSF-funded project on the optimization of social fairness in artificial intelligence (AI) design.

Publications Manager

Jessica Lockrem

Society for Cultural Anthropology | [email protected]

Student Representative, 2019–2021

Paul Christians

Stanford University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Heritage; expertise and experts; distributive politics; after cosmopolitanism; labor; migration; Qatar; Gulf; Jordan; Middle East


Section Editor

Benjamin Bean

University of California, Davis | [email protected]

Research Interests: Sense(s); taste and tasting; craft brewing and craft drinking; sound and musicking; coloniality and decolonial practices; religion and secularism; Puerto Rico

Section Editor

Beth Derderian

Northwestern University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Cultural production; anthropology of art; bureaucracy; labor; NGOs and organizational anthropology; rule of experts; citizenship; nationalism; transnationalism; the Middle East; Arab Gulf; United Arab Emirates

Section Editor

Josh Rivers

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee | [email protected]

Research Interests: Digital games; institutions; queer theory; governance; virtual worlds

Contributing Editor

Céline Eschenbrenner

Tulane University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Cross-border mobility; space; alterity; dissent; science and technology studies; France; Italy

Contributing Editor

Henriette Fischer

University College London | [email protected]

Research Interests: Migration; community; social and health care; education; visual and auditory ethnography

Contributing Editor

Joyce Rivera-González

University of Notre Dame | [email protected]

Research Interests: Youth; disaster; precarity; crisis; geographies of capitalism; colonialism; Caribbean and Latin America; Puerto Rico

Contributing Editor

Michelle Hak Hepburn

University of British Columbia | [email protected]

Research Interests: Environmental imaginaries; anthropology beyond the human; Americas; feminisms; deforestation; restoration; coloniality

Contributing Editor

Sharon Jacobs

University of Pennsylvania | [email protected]

Research Interests: Solidarity and social movements; migration, asylum, and refugeehood; feminism and postcoloniality; Middle Eastern diaspora; Europe; Arabic language and linguistics

Contributing Editor

Nick Smith

University of Toronto | [email protected]

Research Interests: Urban mobility; public space; humanitarian sociality; futurity; precariousness

Contributing Editor

Siv Greyson Tshefu

University of Cape Town | [email protected]

Research Interests: Utopias; anarchy; art-activism; collective power; relationality; affect; pedagogy; futurism; alternative methodologies; culture-jamming

Contributing Editor

Marie Melody Vidal

School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris | [email protected]

Research Interests: Sensory ethnography; the United States; gender; aging; anthropology of the contemporary

Member Voices

Section Editor

Scott Schnur

Emory University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Environmental anthropology; temporality; science and technology studies; Greenland and the Arctic

Contributing Editor

Danny Cardoza

University of Cambridge | [email protected]

Research Interests: Jehovah’s Witnesses; anthropology of religion; anthropology of Christianity; theology; technology; pedagogy; language; morality and ethics; space and time; Central Asia; Russia

Contributing Editor

Bulelani Jili

Harvard University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Africa-China relations; ICT development; cybersecurity; African political economy; internet policy; Chinese business law; law and development

Contributing Editor

Riddhi Pandey

The Graduate Institute, Geneva | [email protected]

Research Interests: Everyday carceral experiences; prison writings and art; visual and material culture; creative ethnographic writing; South Asia; India

Contributing Editor

Saumya Pandey

University of Ghent, Belgium and CMI, Norway | [email protected]

Research Interests: Resource extraction; inequality; work; welfare; development; feminist thought; and ethics and politics of knowledge-making practices.

Contributing Editor

Janita Van Dyk

University of Toronto | [email protected]

Research Interests: Temporality; neoliberalism; ecology; alternative agriculture; politics of (bio)diversity; food; Italy

Social Media

Section Editor

Adam Fleischmann

McGill University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Global anthropogenic climate change; politics; science; ethics; knowledge; philosophy; nonstate political actors; social movement studies; science and technology studies; history of science; pedagogy

Section Editor

Scott Ross

George Washington University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Humanitarianism; infrastructure; conflict; technology; intervention; Congo; Uganda

Contributing Editor

Breanna S. Escamilla

University of Illinois at Urbana‑Champaign | [email protected]

Research Interests: Womxn of color feminisms; gender/sexuality; digital ethnography; ethics; media and culture; race/ethnicity; Chicanx/Latinx studies; popular culture

Contributing Editor

Ola Galal

Graduate Center, City University of New York | [email protected]

Research Interests: Legal anthropology; anthropology of religion

Contributing Editor

Kristin Gupta

Rice University | [email protected]

Research Interests: New burial technologies; death and dying; affect; care; toxicity; extinction; Anthropocene studies; queer anthropology; multispecies ethnography; United States

Contributing Editor

Jerika Loren Heinze

Radboud University, Founder of The Fieldwork Initiative | [email protected]

Research Interests: Balkan ethnography; Hellenic studies; debt and inequality; crisis; youth; issues of race, class, and gender in fieldwork

Contributing Editor

Jessica Madison Pískatá

UC Santa Cruz | [email protected]

Research Interests: Climate change; material extraction; energy; human/geological relations; ecopoetics; translation; experimental ethnography; Cold War

Contributing Editor

Hannah E. Quinn

University of Toronto | [email protected]

Research Interests: Disability; ableism; personhood; intimacy; sexuality; sexual ethics; capacity to consent; social contract; solidarity; violence; research ethics; sensory and experimental ethnography

Contributing Editor

Lachlan Summers

University of California, Santa Cruz | [email protected]

Research Interests: Political ecology; prefigurative politics; insurance; chance; trauma; imagination and play; México

Teaching Tools

Section Editor

Erin Gould

University of California, Riverside | [email protected]

Research Interests: Youth; storytelling; performance; festivals; language; space; transformation; revival; Morocco; Middle East; pedagogy and innovations in teaching

Section Editor

Sydney Pullen

University of Arizona | [email protected]

Research Interests: education; racial capitalism; the U.S. South

Contributing Editor

Mai Alkhamissi

Princeton University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Exile; Middle East; political geography; diaspora

Contributing Editor

Joshua Liashenko

University of California, Riverside | [email protected]

Research Interests: Queer anthropology; medical anthropology; transgender studies; activism; healthcare; biopolitics; social reproduction; community engaged research; Southern California

Contributing Editor

Dana McLachlin

University of Amsterdam | [email protected]

Research Interests: Humanitarianism; postcolonialism; gender, race, and class; Bangladesh; economic anthropology

Contributing Editor

Sarah O’Sullivan

University of Toronto | [email protected]

Research Interests: HIV/AIDS; northern Uganda; Acholi; East Africa; morality and ethics; stigma; humanitarianism; value of life; development; representation; colonialism; global health; productivity; ethnographic pedagogy

Contributing Editor

Sarah Paust

McMaster University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Critical global health; philanthropy studies; humanitarianism; biopolitics; crowdfunding; reciprocity; empathy; health activism; surveillance; digital sociality

Contributing Editor

Alexandria Petit-Thorne

York University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Performance; homonationalism; digital ethnography; creative methodologies; teaching; pedagogy; research creation

Contributing Editor

Dalton Price

University of Oxford | [email protected]

Research Interests: Liberalism; humanitarianism; NGOs; international development; United Nations; political economy; geopolitics; disciplinary regimes; international relations; diplomacy; Venezuela; Latin America

Contributing Editor

Isabel M. Salovaara

Stanford University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Anthropology of capitalism; personhood; youth and adolescence; parallel education systems; moral anthropology; South Asia

Contributing Editor

Anika Jugović Spajić

University of Pittsburgh | [email protected]

Research Interests: Health and care; biopolitics; the state; postsocialism; neoliberalism; civil society; volunteerism; citizenship; responsibility; health activism; Serbia

Contributing Editor

Prerna Srigyan

University of California, Irvine | [email protected]

Research Interests: Science pedagogy; radical pedagogy; science and technology studies; environmental justice

Visual and New Media Review

Section Editor

Megan Jeanne Gette

University of Texas at Austin | [email protected]

Research Interests: Sensory ethnography; experimental methods; multimodalisms; affect; somatics; labor; space; energy; infrastructure; rurality; political ecology; chemo-ethnography

Section Editor

Andrés Romero

Wayne State University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Ethnographic writing; place and memory; violence; selfhood; images and imagination; Colombia

Contributing Editor

Meredith Evans

York University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Affect; aesthetics; medical anthropology; sensory anthropology; sound studies; ethnomusicology; feminist technoscience; decoloniality; feminist and queer theory

Contributing Editor

Juliana Friend

University of California, Berkeley | [email protected]

Research Interests: Porn studies; circulation and publicity; queer theory; multimodal anthropology; Senegal; Côte d'Ivoire; participatory and collaborative research methods; archival practice

Contributing Editor

Farah Hallaba

University of Kent | [email protected]

Research Interests: Egyptian middle class; morality; migration; visual anthropology; auto-ethnography; sensory ethnography; collaborative and public anthropology; documentary filmmaking; digital interactive cocs; death; decolonizing education

Contributing Editor

Alejandro Jaramillo

New York University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Visual and media anthropology; political economy; contemporary art; branding; national identity and memory; ethnographic film; cultural and media production; consumption; Latin America; Colombia

Contributing Editor

Irmelin Joelsson

University of Oxford | [email protected]

Research Interests: Urbanism; economic anthropology; risks and insurance; material cultures and infrastructure; Tanzania; curating and visual cultures

Contributing Editor

Ara Ortiz

Brandeis University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Infrastructures of mobility; urban citizenships; alternative economies; digital surveillance; visual and multimodal anthropology

Contributing Editor

Jill J. Tan

Yale University | [email protected]

Research Interests: Death and dying; funeral corporations; urbanism; poetics; colonialisms; performance; games; Singapore; Southeast Asia

Contributing Editor

Robyn Taylor-Neu

University of California, Berkeley | [email protected]

Research Interests: Mediation; aesthetics; semiotics; voice; landscape