Teaching Race: Deviation


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When I lead class discussions on race relations in the United States and Latin America, I am often asked if race is similar to caste systems in More...

Teaching Race: Translation


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Why is race a topic in the anthropology curriculum? Because, if we understand anthropology to be the study of humans as group members (Boas 1928), More...

Teaching Race: Provocation


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When I first started teaching undergraduates, I presented my “What is race?” lesson more often than any other. It made an appearance in More...

It’s In The Syllabus


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“What did we cover in class last week? What’s your late homework policy? When are your office hours? How will my grade be computed?” More...

Refugees and the Crisis of Europe


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Since the beginning of 2015, an unprecedented number of people from Middle Eastern and African countries—many of them fleeing war, persecution, More...

Introducing Dispatches


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In my first post to the Cultural Anthropology website as the journal’s managing editor (almost a year ago now!), I wrote about the need to More...

Final Schedule for #SCA2016


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The Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA) is proud to share the final schedule for one of our largest-ever biennial meetings, which will take place More...

Correspondences: Ethnography


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Ethnography, according to Tim Ingold (2014, 383), “has become a term so overused, both in anthropology and in contingent disciplines, that it More...