Support Us

Cultural Anthropology is currently seeking funding through the Open Access Community Investment Program. We have until the end of July to reach our goal. Please see our request to learn how you might support the journal.

The single best way for you to support the SCA, hands down, is to become a member. But if you are looking for other avenues, our board has brainstormed the following list:

  • Read our publications and make use of them in your teaching, research, and practice. If you speak a language other than English, consider translating some of our Fieldsights content, as our friends at the Laboratorio de Antropología Abierta have done.
  • Submit your work to Cultural Anthropology or contact Kate Herman at [email protected] to volunteer as a reviewer.
  • Attend our events, both online and in person.
  • Follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the latest news.
  • Make a donation to our publishing fund: $125 or more qualifies you for a one-year print subscription to Cultural Anthropology.
  • Contact us with questions, ideas, opportunities to collaborate. Let us know if you think we've messed up. And then, if you have the bandwidth, help us to figure out how to make it right.