2024 Call for New Contributing Editors!

Do you think there are important issues, concepts, or developments in the field of anthropology that are being overlooked or ignored, and that demand greater attention? Do you know of cutting edge initiatives, inspiring projects, or generative events that have a contribution to make to the practice of anthropology? Do you know of important work being done by anthropologists but which cannot be fit into the traditional formats of print-based publication? Come and participate in a leading program that generates, influences, and shapes important conversations and developments in the discipline!

We invite you to join an exciting team of graduate students, PhDs, and early career anthropologists, otherwise known as contributing editors (CEs), for a 2-year journey of thinking and writing.

(More than) Ten Things I Love about Being a CE:

  1. Nurturing friendships and bonds with graduate students beyond my cohort and institution
  2. Collaborating with other CEs on posts
  3. Publishing quickly (and a lot)
  4. Exposing my work (in progress) in an accessible format on the prestigious Cultural Anthropology Fieldsights website
  5. Becoming a better teacher and/or Teaching Assistant (TA)
  6. Producing podcasts!
  7. Conversing with/interviewing my favorite anthropologists
  8. Contributing to lively and critical conversations that matter to the discipline
  9. Complaining/commiserating about grad student life with people who understand what it’s like
  10. Witnessing a work-in-progress entry evolve into a publishable piece and knowing that you contributed towards making that happen
  11. Having side projects about things that interest me but that I don't have the freedom to explore in my “formal” studies
  12. Access to cutting-edge research and insights from fellow contributors
  13. Enhanced visibility and recognition within the academic community through association with a reputable organization

To join us, you need to pick one of our exciting teams to work with! Commitment issues? You can shift/switch to another section whenever you wish. Click on each section/team to know what they’re up for!

CE Teams/sections:

  1. Teaching Tools
  2. AnthroPod
  3. Social Media
  4. Member Voices
  5. Visual & New Media Review

It takes nothing more than a spark of inspiration, an itching desire to procrastinate your dissertation-related work, and a desire for connection/company to join us! Oh, and an email introducing yourself sent to our CE lead Noha Fikry ([email protected]) and our Student representative Shahana Munazir ([email protected]) by June 7, 2024.

**Final note (of caution): This is an unpaid position & commitment, and we realize that life (particularly for grad students) is particularly busy, so please take this up only when you have time, energy, bandwidth, and excitement for it!