Multimodal Studio

The DCC proposes a “multimodal studio,” foregrounding experimentation through a process of learning, exchange, and collaboration. In our approach, we emphasize the conceptual work that the multimodal inaugurates in the discipline and beyond and which draws on the SCA’s history of experimentation with form and thought. By organizing practices around concepts we bring together approaches, modalities and practices that do not separate the textual from extra-textual theoretical work. The multimodal opens up new paths for anthropology–experimentation is a process of discovery and a way of exploring the complexities of the world with others. We see the conceptual as a productive space of tension that draws together scholarly and broader publics, one which straddles the tensions between an anthropology that engages with existing concerns/problems/materialities while attending to the subjunctive conditions of possibility that speculation, experimentation, and a play with form enables. The concept studio is, thus, a meeting and mediating point between a logocentric anthropology and one that embraces the multisensorial. Accessibility is a core value of the Concept Studio, and provides a model for reflexive, problem based work that does not prescribe form or content.

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