Call for Applications: Digital Curatorial Collective for the Society of Cultural Anthropology Website

As of March 10, the deadline for submissions is extended to March 30, 2022.

The Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA) seeks to appoint a Digital Curatorial Collective (DCC) to continue to develop the cutting-edge work of our prize-winning website, including the section of Fieldsights devoted to the Contributed Content of our Contributing Editors Program. The various sections of Fieldsights, established in 2012, address diverse audiences in both textual and multimodal formats. Our digital content has helped catalyze the production and dissemination of anthropological knowledge and is now a central component of SCA’s contribution to the discipline. Considering its prominence, the SCA board is now following a process modeled after the search for Cultural Anthropology's Journal Editors and invites applications that propose an ambitious vision and practical path for our digital platform.

The DCC will closely coordinate with SCA's Contributing Editors, a 15-year-old program where graduate students create, edit, and curate digital content for the SCA website and social media feeds. Many of our innovative streams of web content started as the brainchild of our Contributing Editors program, and the SCA prides itself on empowering and learning from early-career scholars.

The DCC will be appointed for a three-year term (with the possibility of an extension for one or two years, with the approval of SCA’s executive board). We are particularly interested in a collective of three or more that represents a diverse mix of faculty, graduate students, and anthropologists working within and/or beyond academia. We hope to support the ideas of curators interested in the present and future of digital forms of disseminating anthropological knowledge. The DCC will also participate in SCA's board through a non-voting, appointed position.

We encourage curatorial collectives to explore in their application statements how they envisage Fieldsights in various ways, such as:

  • a venue for inviting and experimenting with new formats of collaboration and peer review
  • alternative rhythms and periodicities of publishing and exchange (distinct from the frequencies of journal publishing)
  • trans-platform conversations among anthropology's academic, policy, activist and indigenous publics.

Applications should lay out a detailed vision and practical path to implement and finesse it in the next few years as well as a plan for content moderation and basic guidelines for maintaining internet ethics. These are general guidelines for topics that can be addressed in your application. Please submit a proposal that clearly outlines the following (3 single-spaced pages, max):

  1. How does your concept for the DCC relate to the Society of Cultural Anthropology’s commitment to theoretical innovation, ethnographic engagement, and interdisciplinary connection? What experimental, multimodal, and engaged forms of scholarship will the DCC bring to the website? (see
  2. The tenure for the DCC is three years (start date TBD). Please provide an outline of the timeline and steps that the DCC will take to realize its goals over that period.
  3. Who are the members of the collective? What background, interests, relevant experience, expertise, savviness, or other passions will they bring to the group?
  4. How will the DCC work with the Contributing Editors (CE) program? What mentorship structures do you envision? More information about the CE program, as well as a report of SCA’s survey with the CEs is available here. We also recommend that interested parties work with CEs to ask for input with the application process.
  5. An optional budget. The website currently costs around $7,000 per year to maintain, which is covered by SCA. If there are any anticipated costs for actualizing the goals of your collective, you may include them here. Additionally, if your plan includes ideas for revenue generation you can also add approximate amounts here.

Please feel free to contact the selection committee members with any questions:

Andrea Muehlebach ([email protected])

Andrea Ballestero ([email protected])

Kristin Gupta ([email protected])

Eleana Kim ([email protected])

SCA seeks to follow a process from the ground up to reimagine SCA’s digital presence and foresees the DCC playing a critical role in defining the Society’s new phase of digital knowledge production and communication. We are excited by the possibilities that a DCC can bring into reimagining a digital public sphere for anthropology and SCA.

The Committee tasked with the selection is composed of Eleana Kim (SCA President), Andrea Muehlebach, Andrea Ballestero, and Kristin Gupta (Board Members). The application process starts with an expression of interest and the names of the potential members of the collective that should be sent to [email protected] before February 15, 2022. In late February, the Committee will be holding a Q&A session for collectives that have expressed interest. The deadline for final applications has been extended and should be received before March 30, 2022 and should be sent to the same email.