How to Propose an AnthroPod Episode

Photo by Janita van Dyk.

Our Goal

AnthroPod is a podcast dedicated to making anthropology more publicly visible and demonstrating why anthropology matters. Episodes range widely in format and content, including discussing recent anthropological work, offering a window into how anthropological research is done, and considering a relevant topic from an anthropological angle.

The Proposal Process

Have an idea for an episode? Great! The AnthroPod team will consider your pitch in proposal form. The proposal is a short document that will help you develop your idea into an episode and to figure out the amount work ahead of you. Also, this proposal allows the committee to understand your initial vision and how we might help you shape it for our audience.

A proposal should have the following:

  1. Your qualifications (training and experience with audio recording)
  2. A short paragraph summarizing what the episode is about, who you will interview, and how it fits in AnthroPod’s goal (be sure to include all three pieces). Please note whether the proposed podcast is a full thematic episode, or an episode of AnthroBites (AnthroBites is a series of short episodes that tackle a key concept, text, or theme, and break it down into
    manageable, bite-sized chunks)
  3. A short list of interview questions or how you will frame a conference panel/keynotes for a general audience
  4. How you plan to record (over Skype or in-person, with what equipment)
  5. What sounds or approach to editing you will use (think creatively)
  6. An estimate of how long the episode will be (25–60 minutes)
  7. A tentative timeline for the process, from recording to publication

Once you complete your proposal, email it to the AnthroPod team ([email protected]). Your proposal will be reviewed by the committee to determine if it fits into the scope of AnthroPod. You will typically receive a decision within 1–2 months. If accepted, a member of the committee will be assigned as an executive producer to help you in the production of the episode.

Brief Breakdown of Episode Production

The production process of an episode varies. We have found that the more planning before recording, the faster the process, hence the proposal. Here are the stages:

  1. Develop and submit a proposal
  2. Conversation with coordinator or executive producer about proposal and technical aspects of the podcast
  3. Record audio
  4. Edit a first cut of episode
  5. First cut reviewed by executive producer (who will provide suggestions for final cut)
  6. Final cut editing
  7. Final cut review
  8. Transcribe the episode in full according to AnthroPod guidelines
  9. Build the episode page for Fieldsights, the SCA website
  10. Managing editor reviews episode page
  11. Upload episode and publish