Call for support: Cultural Anthropology needs your help

Since its founding in 1986, Cultural Anthropology has represented the cutting-edge of anthropological theory and ethnographic inquiry; and since 2014, we have been open access, experimenting in digital, multimodal, and multilingual publishing. Our decision to go open access has only increased our global reach and reputation.

We remain committed to diamond open access because we've seen how a commitment to accessible publishing can grow and benefit an even larger and more engaged community. And now we are asking you to make that commitment with us.

The Open Access Community Investment Program allows us to ask libraries and departments directly to pledge their support, often for less than a subscription to a journal would cost. These pledges enable us to continue to publish open access, continue to plan for the future, and to continue to experiment. This model also enables us to ask for small amounts from a number of institutions - $500 from a department, $1500 from a research library - to root support for CA throughout our community.

We are grateful to the institutions who have already pledged their support through OACIP so far. Their generosity has nearly brought us to our goal of $56,025.

We are in the last phase of the pledging cycle, ending July 31st. There are two ways that you can help.

  • First, you could reach out to your libraries, requesting that they join the OACIP drive. Most university libraries have an interest in OA and many are already familiar with OACIP, and more than a dozen institutions have signed on already. Libraries pledge for five years, on a tiered system from $500-$1,500 per year.

  • Second, you could ask your department or school dean whether they would be willing to pledge to support the journal at the department rate of $500/year for 5 years.

You can find a series of informational resources about this campaign here, along with a template letter to reach out to your library or department.