Paul Eiss Awarded the 2003 Cultural Horizons Prize

The SCA is proud to award the second annual Cultural Horizons Prize to Paul Eiss (Carnegie Mellon) for his article "Hunting for the Virgin: Meat, Money, and Memory in Tetiz, Yucatan" (CA 17, no. 3 (August 2002):291-330).

2003's doctoral jury--Simon Lee (UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley); Maya Parson (UNC Chapel Hill); and Douglas Rogers (U Michigan)--praised the essay for its "blend of poetic storytelling and profound ethnographic awareness that challenges us to rethink theoretical frameworks for understanding the interplay between cultural and economic values."

About the Cultural Horizons Prize

The SCA has long been distinguished by having the largest graduate student membership of any section of the AAA. Recognizing that doctoral students are among the most experimentally minded--and often among the best read--of ethnographic writers, this award asks of SCA's dissertating readers, "Who is on your reading horizon?"

This spirit gave rise to the Cultural Horizons Prize, awarded yearly by a jury of doctoral students for the best article appearing in Cultural Anthropology.