Savannah Shange, Miyarrka Media, and Alan Klima Awarded the 2020 Gregory Bateson Book Prizes

Deciding to honor the ethic of shared leadership and collective praxis that underpins many contemporary Black and Indigenous social movements, and to emphasize scholarship that moves our field forward collectively, the jury awarded the prize this year to three winners (and to recognize two additional books as a runner-up and honorable mention).

2020 Gregory Bateson Book Prize Winners

Savannah Shange for Progressive Dystopia: Abolition, Antiblackness, and Schooling in San Francisco (Duke University Press)

Miyarrka Media for Phone and Spear: A Yuta Anthropology (Goldsmiths Press)

Alan Klima for Ethnography #9 (Duke University Press)


Deborah A. Thomas for Political Life in the Wake of the Plantation: Sovereignty, Witnessing, Repair (Duke University Press)

Honorable Mention

Jason Pine for The Alchemy of Meth: A Decomposition (University of Minnesota Press)


The 2020 Gregory Bateson Book Prize Jury is comprised of Mayanthi Fernando (chair, University of California, Santa Cruz), Radhika Govindarajan (University of Washington), and Eva Hayward (University of Arizona).