Óscar Pedraza

Oscar Humberto Pedraza Vargas is a historian and anthropologist with a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from CUNY Graduate Center and a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Social Anthropology from Universidad de Los Andes. He has worked extensively with grassroots movements associated with indigenous, farmer, labor, and victim communities in Colombia and Latin America. Pedraza Vargas specializes in the analysis of transnational human rights institutions, discourses, and practices that define the value of life and death in cases of coal-related violence in Colombia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. He has also served as a main researcher for a collaboration between Forensic Architecture and the Colombian Truth Commission, which was created after the 2016 peace accords between FARC guerrillas and the Columbia government.

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Earthly Memory in Transitional Justice

Visual and New Media Review

Earthly Memory in Transitional Justice

“But where is the armed conflict?” This was a common question asked to us in Bogotá when presenting our investigation of land dispossession in the region of Ura... More