Crisis of Liberalism

Is liberalism in crisis? The surge of populist politics—challenging both representation and reason—around the world demands that we pose the question. 2016 has already seen, among other things, the success of the Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom, a new president in the Philippines who openly supports extrajudicial killings, and the perverse spectacle of Donald Trump. For this election-season edition of Hot Spots, we have invited several distinguished scholars to comment on the idea of liberalism in crisis and on the implications of what Douglas Holmes has termed “integralist” movements within many political cultures across the global North and South. Speaking from different vantage points around the world, some of our contributors see crisis as part of liberalism’s standard operating procedure, whereas others see integralism mainstreaming in ways that may augur a time of monsters. We invite you to take advantage of our site’s underutilized Comments feature to continue and extend the conversation.

Posts in This Series

Introduction: Crisis of Liberalism

Losing Our Manners: The Current Crisis and Possible Durability of Liberal Discourse

We Have Never Been Liberal: Occidentalist Myths and the Impending Fascist Apocalypse

Budapest 2016: A Novel Kind of Fascism

Time of Monsters

A Liberalism of Fear

Elections and Crisis: The Case of Colombia’s Peace Referendum

Crisis and Identity in Contemporary Papua New Guinea

#cripthevote: What’s the Crisis of Liberalism Got to Do With It?

Campaign Watching from Stockholm

Curtis on the Bay: Failed Development and the Mythology of Trump