A Properly Political Concept of Love: Three Approaches in Ten Pages: Supplemental Material

This post builds on the research article “A Properly Political Concept of Love: Three Approaches in Ten Pages,” which was published in the November 2011 issue of the Society’s peer-reviewed journal, Cultural Anthropology.

Editorial Footnotes

Cultural Anthropology has published many essays on culture and theory, including: Marisol de la Cadena's "Indigenous Cosmopolitics in the Andes: Conceptual Reflections Beyond 'Politics'" (2010); Erice Bornstein's "The Impulse of Philanthropy" (2009); Danilyn Rutherford's "Sympathy, State Building, and the Experience of Empire" (2009); and Michael M.J. Fischer's "Culture and Cultural Analysis as Experimental Systems" (2007).

Cultural Anthropology has also published multiple articles on the theme of intimacies. Examples include: Nancy Rose Hunt's "An Acoustic Register, Tenacious Images, and Congolese Scenes of Rape and Repetition" (2008); S. Lochlann Jain's "Cancer Butch" (2007); Mark Liechty's "Carnal Economies: The Commodification of Food and Sex in Kathmandu" (2005); and Debra Curtis' "Commodities and Sexual Subjectivities: A Look at Capitalism and Its Desires" (2004).

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