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From the Series: Self-Immolation as Protest in Tibet

The Tibetan Self-immolations: Who, What, When, Where



List of all known Tibetan self-immolators through 6 April 2012 (Prepared by Ogyen Kyab)

Tibetan Self-Immolations in China- Interactive (Guardian UK)

Statements From Self-Immolators

Last message from Lama Sobha, first reincarnate lama to self-immolate (International Campaign for Tibet, 1 February, 2012)

Letter from Jamphel Yeshi, who self-immolated in New Delhi, India to protest the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao (The New York Times blog, 28 March, 2012)

Protester’s Stories: Sherab Tsedor, Tibetan self-immolation survivor in India (GuardianUK, 13 January 2012)

Video interview with Sherab Tsedor (CBC Radio, 30 March, 2012)

Global Media: Reporting From Inside Tibet

Jonathan Watts: Inside Tibet’s Heart of Protest (Guardian UK, 10 February 2012)

Jonathan Watts: Tibetan Self-Immolations Rise amidst Battle for Hearts and Minds (Guardian UK, 12 February 2012)

Tom Lasseter: Rare Visit to Remote Chinese Region Shows Depth of Tibetan Despair (Miami Herald, 14 February 2012)

Philip Wen: Inside Story—Tibetan Discontent Smoulders (The Sydney Morning Herald, 18 February 2012)

Louisa Lim: Protests, Self-Immolations Signs of a Desperate Tibet (National Public Radio, 21 February 2012)

Statement from the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China on Self-Immolations

Global Media: Analyses, Reports and Commentaries

#1 Underreported Story of 2011 (TIME magazine)

Karmapa urges Tibetan monks to stop self-immolation (Guardian UK, 10 November 2011)

Robert Barnett: Viewpoint: Are Tibet burnings plot or policy failure? (BBC, 15 November 2011)

Dibyesh Anand: Tibet: Self-Immolation Won’t Trigger China Spring (ZeeNews, 19 November 2011)

Pankaj Mishra: Tibet’s old way of life is slow-dying. Not even self-immolation will change that (Guardian UK, 8 December 2011)

Oiwan Lam: Tibet burns, but where are China’s public intellectuals? (Global Voices Online, 24 January 2012) English / Chinese

Ming Xia: Tibetans burn selves for freedom (The Diplomat, 7 February 2012)

Robert Thurman: A Cry for Freedom (Shambhala Sun, 8 February 2012)

Bhuchung K. Tsering: Man on Fire (Himal, 10 February 2012)

Robbie Barnett: On why Tibetans are setting themselves on fire (Asia Society, 24 February 2012)

Thubten Jinpa: Losing Tibet Forever (Wall Street Journal, 8 March 2012)

The Buddha and the Tigress (The Economist, 10 March 2012)

Woeser: Fire on the mountain (Foreign Policy, 13 March 2012)

Dalai Lama Says He’d ‘Welcome‘ Investigation of Self-Immolations (Wall Street Journal, 20 March 2012)

Tibetan Self-Immolation Wave Among History’s Biggest (The Huffington Post, 2 April 2012)

Topden Tsering: In the Light of Bodies Aflame (Outlook India, 3 April 2012)

Tibetan Self-immolations: The View from China (The New Yorker, 4 April 2012)

Butter Lamp in the Wind (Times of India, 8 April 2012)

Chinese Media

No Need to Sweat Minor Unrest (Global Times, 2 February 2012)

Chinese Netizens Request that the Dalai Lama Self-Immolate (China Tibet Online, 9 March 2012)

Truth about Tibet is Slowly Coming to Light (People’s Daily, 12 March 2012)

Sin of Suicide: Tibet Branch of Buddhist Association of China (China Tibet Online, 16 March 2012)

Harmony, development mostly desired for Tibetans: “French Media” (coverage at China Digital Times, 17 February 2012)

Tibetan Media

Jamyang Norbu: Igniting the Embers of Independence (Shadow Tibet, 14 October 2011)

Jamyang Norbu: Self-Immolation and Buddhism (Shadow Tibet, 3 January 2012)

Woeser: Self-immolations cannot go on like this (High Peaks Pure Earth, 20 March 2012, original 15 January 2012)

Wang Lixiong: Except self-immolation, what else can be done? (Phayul, 20 January 2012)

Christophe Besuchet: Beacons of Resistance, Not Desperate Acts (Rangzen, 28 January 2012)

NYC Yak: Can't Imagine; Can't Stop Trying (Lhakar Diaries, 8 February 2012)

Wang Lixiong: Tibet Needs Tactics/Xizang xuyao fangfa (Invisible Tibet, 9 February 2012) Original Chinese / English Translation / Tibetan Translation

Woeser: Remembering the first person who self-immolated inside Tibet (High Peaks Pure Earth, 8 March 2012, original 11 February 2012)

Woeser, Arjia Rinpoche, Gade Tsering: Appeal from 3 Tibetans to stop self-immolations (Invisible Tibet, 8 March 2012; in Chinese, Tibetan, and English)

Sungshik Kyi: I Will Burn Myself Again and Again (Rangzen, 24 March 2012)

Jigme Ritzekura: Spoken Words (Lhakar Diaries, 28 March 2012)

Lhadon and Tendor: Our Nation, News and Analysis on the State of Tibet (30 March 2012)

Tenzin Jigme: Self-Immolation and the Impact on Tibetan Youths (Tibetan Political Review, 8 April 2012)

Tibet Government Responses

I. Government Resolutions and Statements

Tibetan Parliament statement on self-immolations in Serta District (8 February 2012)

Central Tibetan Administration urges Chinese government to address grievances (6 March 2012)

Tibetan Parliament resolution on critical situation in Tibet, 14 March 2012 (Tibetan Political Review, 28 March 2012)

At Least Seven Reasons Why Beijing is Responsible for the Self-Immolations in Tibet (26 March 2012)

II. Interviews and Speeches

Lobsang Sangay discusses self-immolation (The Huffington Post, 25 January, 2012)

Statement of Kalon Tripa Dr. Lobsang Sangay on the 53rd Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day(10 March 2012)

Speech by the Tibetan Parliament in Exile on the occasion of the 53rd 10th March National Uprising Anniversary (10 March 2012)

Tibetan Activist Responses

A Message from Tendor, Student for Free Tibet's Executive Director: Global Intervention to Save Tibetan Lives English / Tibetan

Enough: Global Intervention Now to Save Tibetan Lives

Chalk Tibet (grassroots guerrilla activism outside Tibet in response to the self-immolations)

Fast for Tibet outside the United Nations in New York City

Tibetan Self-Immolations Inside Tibet (Tibetan Youth Congress video)

Solidarity and Resistance: A Statement by the Global Tibet Movement

Background: Thubten Ngodup, the First Tibetan to Self-immolate

Jamyang Norbu: Rite of Freedom: The Life and Sacrifice of Thubten Ngodup (1 August 1998)

Background: The 2008 Protests in Tibet

2008 protests: China Perspectives, special issue on ‘The Deadlock on Tibet’

2008 Protests: International Campaign for Tibet (USA)

Wang Lixiong: Twelve Suggestions for Dealing with the Tibetan Situation, by Some Chinese Intellectuals (New York Review of Books, 15 May 2008)

Martin Mills: The 2008 Protests in Tibet: Main Facts and Analyses. (Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Tibet, 6 April 2008)

Lhakar: grassroots action inside Tibet following the 2008 protests

Statements of Solidarity

Petition for a UN fact-finding mission to Tibet (

China: End Crackdown on Tibetan Monasteries (Human Rights Watch, 12 October 2011)

China Must Address Root Causes of Growing Tibetan Unrest (Human Rights in China, 27 January 2012)

End Crackdown on Tibetans who Visit India (Human Rights Watch, 16 February 2012)

Vietnamese Monk Speaks in Solidarity with Tibetans (Alertnet, 16 February 2012)

12 Nobel Laureates’ Letter to China (Phayul, 3 April 2012)

Self-immolation as Global Form of Political Protest Since 1963

A Brief History of Self-Immolation (Time, 20 January 2011)

List of political self-immolations around the world (Wikipedia)

Dying for a Cause: Alone? (academic report on self-immolation as political protest by Michael Biggs, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Oxford)

Self-Immolation and the Arab Spring: Sacrifice and the Ripple Effect of Tunisian Self-Immolation (American Anthropological Association Blog, Sami Hermez, 16 February 2011)