Seventh Rebellion
The Answer
Piano Player
It's Getting Late
Man on a Diet
New World

Artist Statement

I am the shadow you erased, but I return to prove it is possible to be punished by the meeting point. This leaves an error of light where disguises are accepted even when they don’t make sense, the penetration of the fog sensed by the mind. Even this misunderstanding deserves windows into the mouth of the painter. My fingertips were there first, a relationship between hands and creation abandoned because the organist from the tragedy played too long. If I step there, I dream. If fingertips are hallucinations, a domination of crows in the trees is possible. I must be a scar. Glad window. Frozen domination of the period. Escarpment. The wheel used to spell "blood." I must be a scar. Look of expertise. Placement overrides shadow. Pattern commits to motion. Footprint. Proud concrete. I must be a scar. You should have been the paradise of form. A watt of beauty. Torn ear sounds like torn ear. The path leads across the field. I must be a scar on that road. Anything the gods want to send. Lack of attention to Greek myth. Cheese derives from trying too hard. The child is asleep in the back. Midair wail. The background mist. A system of articulation noted for its ability to transcend ______. I must be a scar. The shovel and the fat eye. Taboos. Explicit Rex. Frank O'Hara. He doesn't come out to play on his birthday. He is not a scar. The idea one week later. The period one week after the comma. The comma one week after the book which says, "I must be a scar." You were never a scar. You were a sentence.