This graphic exhibition tour was created by Laura Haapio-Kirk, a postdoctoral researcher at University College London. The piece is based on the exhibition "Illustrating Anthropology" that she co-curated in 2020, supported by the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland.

The full exhibition can be viewed online:

The artistic works featured in this graphic virtual tour are listed here in order:

1 - Nora Wuttke (

2 - Maxime Le Calvé (

3 - Charlie Rumsby and Ben Thomas (

4 - Camilla Morelli, Sophie Marsh, and Guillermo Pëmen (

5 - Marcello Francioni (

6 - Laura Haapio-Kirk (

7 - Joy Hendry (

8- Annelieke Driessen and Lou Bettina Klein (

9 - Tom Crowley (

The quotes from the exhibition contributors are taken from the exhibition text which can be accessed in full on each person's exhibition page.


Rumsby, Charlie. 2020. "Retrospective (Re)presentation: Turning the Written Ethnographic Text into an 'Ethno-graphic.'" entanglements 3, no. 2: 7–27.