Nicholas D'Avella on Ecologies of Investment in Argentina

In this episode, Nicholas D'Avella, postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley's Center for Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society, talks about the complex networks of debt, currency valuation, and real estate that Argentines find themselves caught up in and the stories they tell to help navigate them.

Nicholas D'Avella's essay, "Ecologies of Investment: Crisis Histories and Brick Futures in Argentina," appears in the February 2014 issue of Cultural Anthropology.

Scholars Mentioned in This Episode

  • Timothy Choy, mentioned as a thinker about ecologies as sets of relationships, can be found here.
  • Jane Guyer on "Cultures of Monetarism" (2008); scroll to bottom of the page for links to a number of papers by Guyer on money.
  • Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis's documentary film The Take (2004) has scenes from the monetary crisis in Argentina described in this episode.
  • Bill Maurer's faculty website has links to a number of his articles on money.


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