Paolo Favero on Visual Methods

In this episode we talk with Paolo Favero about applying visual methods in the field. Favero has devoted the core of his work to the study of visual culture in Italy and India. In our conversation, he shares his engagement with visual methods and suggests that using a camera is not about documenting empirical evidence but a process of producing the empirical field material and choosing perspectives.

Paolo Favero is an Associate Professor at the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Antwerp. If you are interested in his work, here are some articles and book chapters he published:

2014. Liquid Visions. Digital images between anthropology, consumer technologies and contemporary art. In: Archivio Anthropologico del Mediterraneo.

2014. Learning to Look Beyond the Frame: Reflections on the changing meaning of images in the age of digital media practices. In: Visual Studies.

2013. Getting our hands dirty (again): Interactive documentaries and the meaning of images in the digital age. In: Journal of Material Culture. London: SAGE. (ISI-ranked; 5-Year IF: 1.188, rank 27/81).

2015. “For a creative anthropological image-making: Reflections on aesthetics, relationality, spectatorship and knowledge in the context of visual ethnographic work in New Delhi, India”. In: “Media Anthropology and Public Engagement”. Abraham, S and Pink, S. (eds.). Oxford: Berghahn.

2014. Reflections upon the Meaning of Contemporary Digital Image-Making Practices in India. Battaglia, G. (co-author). In: Arts and Aesthetics in a Globalizing World, Oxford: Berg.


Scholars mentioned in this episode

Melinda Hinkson, Associate Professor, Deakin University

Robert Adelman, Associate Professor, University at Buffalo


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