Sport has recently attracted close ethnographic interest as an object of discipline, a realm of popular culture through spectatorship, and through the contemporary craze for health and fitness. Sport has been used as a tool for nationalism and colonialism (Besnier and Brownell 2012; Di-Capua 2004; Jacob 2011; Raab 2012; Yarar 2005), a highly gendered (Alemdaroğlu 2005; Ayub 2011; Bolin and Granskog 2003; Di-Capua 2005; Duncan 1994; Lenskyj 1990; Messner 1990; Samie 2013; Wiederkehr 2009) and embodied (Besnier and Brownell 2012; Jefferson 1998; Wacquant 2004) experience that transforms both the physical bodies and the inner selves of its practitioners. It is a fascinating domain for ethnographic attention as it pushes anthropologists to inspect anthropos—the human—by looking at its tangible corporealities and its intangible aspirations, wills, and desires. Through training the mind, the body, and the soul, physical exercise becomes both the subject and the object of a becoming.

This month, SCA’s Field Notes series experiments with sports and hosts anthropologists working on the subject from diverse angles.


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