Spiritual Economies: Islam and Neoliberalism in Contemporary Indonesia: Supplemental Material

This post builds on the research article “Spiritual Economies: Islam and Neoliberalism in Contemporary Indonesia,” which was published in the February 2009 issue of the Society’s peer-reviewed journal, Cultural Anthropology.

Majalah Nebula, "Training ESQ Eksekutif Nasional Angkatan 23." April 22, 2005 via Flickr.

Editorial Footnotes

Cultural Anthropology has published a number of other essays on neoliberalism and subjectivity. See, for example, Aradhana Sharma's "Crossbreeding Institutions, Breeding Struggle: Women's Empowerment, Neoliberal Governmentality, and State (Re)Formation in India" (2006); Nickola Pazderic's "Recovering True Selves in the Electro-Spiritual Field of Universal Love" (2004); and Yan Hairong's "Neoliberal Governmentality and Neohumanism: Organizing Suzhi/Value Flow through Labor Recruitment Networks" (2003).

Cultural Anthropology has also published a range of articles on globalization. See Ritty Lukose's "Empty Citizenship: Protesting Politics in the Era of Globalization" (2005); Karen Ho's "Situating Global Capitalisms: A View from Wall Street Investment Banks" (2005); and Victoria Bernal's "Eritrea Goes Global: Reflections on Nationalism in a Transnational Era" (2004).

Cultural Anthropology has also published additional essays on Indonesia. See, for example, Tom Boellstorff's "Playing Back the Nation: Waria, Indonesian Transvestites" (2004); Celia Lowe's "Making the Monkey: How the Togean Macaque Went from 'New Form' to 'Endemic Species' in Indonesians' Conservation Biology" (2004); and Webb Keane's "Knowing One's Place: National Language and the Idea of the Local in Eastern Indonesia" (1997).

Majalah Nebula, "Untitled ." April 11, 2005 via flickr.
"ESQ Model." November 1, 2012 via ESQ.com.

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