Call for Applications: Social Media Contributing Editors

The Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA) is still accepting applications to its Social Media Team, part of SCA’s Contributing Editors (CE) Program. The new deadline to apply is Thursday, September 1, 2022

The program provides a path for early-career scholars to get involved in the intellectual and social life of the SCA, while gaining access to distinctive opportunities for mentoring and skill building. Contributing editors (CEs) come from a wide range of institutions around the world, and in the past, they have gone on to successful careers both inside and outside the academy.

The Social Media Team (SMT) manages the SCA’s digital presence on Facebook and Twitter, posting journal and website content in consultation with the editorial office and interacting with the online community on a daily basis. The team seeks 2-4 witty, creative, and detail-oriented applicants at the cutting edge of our discipline and on top of their social media game. Applicants from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented parts of the world and society are especially encouraged to apply. Applicants commit to being dependable, active members of the Social Media Team by managing the SCA’s social media accounts in one-week-long shifts approximately every two months.

Beyond the Social Media Team, SCA contributing editors produce and curate original content for the Fieldsights section of the SCA’s dynamic website, and they create supplemental posts that extend the reach of articles in the SCA’s peer-reviewed journal, Cultural Anthropology. At the end of each academic year, contributing editors are expected to provide a brief report on their activities. Contributing editors are appointed for an initial two-year term, which can be renewed once for a maximum term of four years.

Contributing editors are not paid, though the value of being a CE means that the position need not be uncompensated. Social Media Team members interact and network with a wide audience of academics on Twitter daily. Team members also, necessarily, stay up-to-date with very recent and often cutting edge work in the field. Further, the SMT has built SCA’s social media presence into a large one, and SMT members therefore not only represent the Society in public facing venues, but contribute to shaping contemporary discourse surrounding anthropology, academia and open-access publishing more globally.

Moreover, the program seeks to foster the creation of networks for collaboration that extend beyond participants’ home institutions. Contributing editors are invited to participate in training and professionalization opportunities, including an annual article writing workshop with the editors of Cultural Anthropology. Experienced contributing editors can take on leadership roles within the program, helping to define a vision for one or more channels of the SCA’s innovative publishing enterprise.

Application Information

Incoming and current graduate students in social/cultural anthropology and related disciplines can apply to the program by submitting a CV and a statement of interest (300–500 words) to both Section Editors Adam Fleischmann and Scott Ross ([email protected] and [email protected]) by Thursday, September 1, 2022.

The statement of interest should describe the applicant’s potential contributions and explain how the position connects to their research and/or professional interests. Applicants should indicate social media experience and literacy—specifically Twitter and Facebook—and familiarize themselves with the SCA’s website and social media presence so that they can be specific in the ideas they put forward.

Please direct any questions about the program or the application process to both Adam Fleischmann and Scott Ross at the above email addresses. We hope you’ll consider applying!