Cynthia Fowler

Dr. Cynthia "Cissy" Fowler is Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina (USA). Fowler is a deeply devoted anthropologist who is committed to academic and engaged scholarship, which for her involves teaching undergraduate anthropology courses; performing service at her institution as well as in local and professional communities; reviewing and editing academic publications; and researching and writing. Fowler’s main area of study concerns biosocial dynamics on Sumba Island in Eastern Indonesia. Another area of study occurs at the intersections of fire ecology and science and technology studies. Fowler has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Indonesia, Hawai‘i, Vietnam, Brazil, and the U.S. South. She received her PhD in anthropology from the University of Hawai‘i. Her professional website is

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The Goodfire Campaign: Swaying Opinions about Prescribed Burning

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The Goodfire Campaign: Swaying Opinions about Prescribed Burning

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