Desirée Azevedo

Desirée Azevedo is a historian and social anthropologist and researcher at the Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology Center of Federal University of São Paulo. Her research and writing has focused on the following themes: Memory, Politics, Human Rights, Social Movements, Kinship, Suffering, Migration and Exile. She is author of “Os melhores anos de nossas vidas. Narrativas, trajetórias e trajetos de exilados brasileiros em Moçambique” [The best years of our lives: Narratives and trajectories of Brazilian Exiles in Mozambique] (Annablume, 2013) and “Ausências Incorporadas. Etnografia entre Familiares de Mortos e Desaparecidos Políticos no Brasil” [Incorporated Absences: Ethnography among Relatives of Political Dead and Missing Persons during the dictatorship in Brazil] (Editora Unifesp, 2018).

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On Silenced Memories: Dictatorship and Democracy in Question

Translated by Philip Sidney Pacheco Badiz In 2009, a poster on the door of then-federal representative Jair Bolsonaro’s office inscribed the words: “Desaparecid... More