Liliana Sanjurjo

Liliana Sanjurjo is a social anthropologist and postdoctoral research fellow at the Graduate Program in Social Sciences of State University of Rio de Janeiro. Her research and writing has focused on the following themes: memory, violence, human rights, legal and humanitarian activism, production of truth, migration, and exile. She has conducted ethnographic research in Argentina and Brazil on activism of relatives of victims of institutional violence, exploring the relationships between kinship, politics and memory. More recently, her research has turned to forensic humanitarianism and forms of political inscription of deaths and violence. She is author of Sangue, Identidade e Verdade: memórias sobre o passado ditatorial na Argentina [Blood, Identity and Truth: Memories of the Dictatorial Past in Argentina] (Edufscar, 2018).

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On Silenced Memories: Dictatorship and Democracy in Question

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