Fiore Stella Bran Aragón

Fiore Stella Bran Aragón received her licenciatura in humanities and philosophy at the Central American University of Nicaragua and is currently studying international migration studies at the Northern Border College in Tijuana, Mexico. She is a founding member of the University Coordinator for Democracy and Justice, a student collective that emerged in April 2018 to demand justice and respect for the human rights of Nicaraguan students persecuted, disappeared, and killed by the government. Since September 2018 she has been living in Mexico, where she has co-organized panels to denounce the forced migration of young Nicaraguans as a result of the sociopolitical crisis provoked by the Nicaraguan government. She has volunteered at Casa del Migrante Saltillo, a migrant shelter in northern Mexico, and worked as a research assistant in the Unit for Migration and Transborder Studies at the Southern Border College Mexico.

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Reflections from a Daughter of the Postwar

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Reflections from a Daughter of the Postwar

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