Joshua B. Cohen

Josh Cohen has always been fascinated by human beings' relationships with the worlds around them. Perhaps because he grew up walking and playing in Epping Forest, he has often found plants particularly good to think with in this regard. He trained as a social anthropologist at the University of Cape Town, where he focused on the production of plant-based Indigenous and Scientific knowledges. He now works as a research fellow across the School of Politics and International Studies and the School of Earth Environmental at the University of Leeds. He is engaged in a number of projects exploring interrelations between people, plants, water and politics in a variety of different research contexts in the United Kingdom and internationally.

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Colonial Glasshouse Effects

Theorizing the Contemporary

Colonial Glasshouse Effects

Across the colder, wealthier parts of the world, “houseplants” adapted to warmer climes have become deeply engrained in people’s everyday lives, moving between ... More