Margarita Huayhua

Margarita Huayhua (PhD, University of Michigan, 2010) is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Dr. Huayhua is a sociocultural anthropologist with a background in linguistic anthropology, video production, translation, Quechua language, and education. She has done extensive field research in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Her research revolves around relations of power and social domination, language, gender, race and racism, and indigenous history and social movements, which she approaches through the analysis of everyday social interaction. Among her publications are “Labeling and Linguistic Discrimination” (2019), “Building Differences: The (Re)production of Hierarchical Relations among Women in the Southern Andes” (2018), “Home Birth, Home Invasions: Encroaching on the Household’s Sovereignty in the Andes” (2017), “Social Subordination and Language,” (2016) “Racism and Social Interaction in a Southern Peruvian combi” (2014), and “La exclusión del runa como sujeto de derechos en el Perú” (1999).

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Collaborating on Presenting Reanimated Native Andean History

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