Rosana Heringer

Rosana Heringer is Associate Professor of Sociology of Education at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). She coordinates LEPES, the Research Group about Higher Education at the School of Education, UFRJ. She has published many articles and book chapters about race relations and race discrimination in Brazil, affirmative action policies, inequalities in access, and retention in higher education. Recent published works include Higher Education in Contemporary Brazil: Studies about Access, Democratization and Inequalities(ed.) (2018); Race, Politics and Education in Brazil: Affirmative Action in Higher Education (co-author) (2015); Access and Success in Higher Education: A Sociology of Students (co-author) (2015).

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The Future of Affirmative Action Policies in Brazil

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The Future of Affirmative Action Policies in Brazil

During the presidential campaign of 2018, now-President Bolsonaro had this to say about the state university affirmative action program: “I am against the quota... More