Evil Infrastructures

Can an infrastructure be evil? The short pieces in this Theorizing the Contemporary series, which were originally commissioned for the 2016 Society for Social Studies of Science conference in Barcelona, explore cases of infrastructure that suggest some answers. The contributors reflect on information and communication infrastructures that prohibit or frustrate participation rather than extend it, or that support inequality and racism rather than trying to neutralize it, or that facilitate closure rather than extending openness.

Image Credit

Volkswagen defeat device, 2011. Photo courtesy of Laura Fiorio/Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

Posts in This Series

Introduction: Evil Infrastructures

Beneath the Clouds, the Beach

Evil Intermediation Platforms

Public Schools and Surveillance

All Citizens are Bastards

Bad Data

Tor: The Evil Within

Evil Scholarly Publishing

Necessary Evils

Genes for Racists?

Seeing Evil Differently

All Your Base are Belong to Us: Gamergate and Infrastructures of Online Violence

Shady Cultures