Dear Climate,

What if we killed off all of our first-born?

Stopped moving?

Stopped time?

What if we cordoned off 50 percent of the world from us; you take that half, we take this half?

What if we offer up a unicorn for sacrifice?

What if we let wolves live?

Yours with hope, and great good will,

Amy Dandelion Maddock

TO: The Climate

DATE: December 21, 2015

SUBJECT: Corrective Action

This memo constitutes a formal corrective action and this document will be placed in your permanent personnel file and could be used to make decisions that affect your employment. This document identifies areas where your performance is inconsistent with what is expected.


  1. Lack of adherence to quarterly deadlines
  2. Lack of teamwork to the point of alienating coworkers
  3. Poor work ethic
  4. Reckless endangerment of marginal populations
  5. Inconsistent performance
  6. Excessive retention of carbon dioxide
  7. Volatile and stormy outbursts
  8. Ocean acidification


  1. Adherence to terms of our Original Contract
  2. Willingness to take responsibility for your actions
  3. Willingness to take orders from superiors

The performance issues identified above are not acceptable in this workplace. These behaviors have a negative impact on your coworkers and, ultimately, our community. As a member of our team, you must improve your performance and behavior to bring it into compliance with expectations. I want to be sure that you understand the importance of this matter. Failure to achieve immediate and sustained improvement in the expectation(s) outlined above may result in further corrective action, up to and including termination.

As always, I will be available to assist you in answering any questions or concerns you may have.

Human Resources Department (courtesy of Peggy Estela)

Dear Climate,

Have you considered moving to another planet?

Warm regards,

People of Earth


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