Photo by Michael Bracco.

Did you know: the project summary should be a self-contained description of the project and should contain a statement of objectives and of methods to be employed?

Daddy. Original artwork by Michael Bracco.

Did you know: the sea is blue, absorbing everything, fused with the sky?

Did you know: the purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences?

Did you know: communication is always a leap of faith?

Did you know: he throws a net over the objects of reality, he divides and classifies them?

Did you know: there’s a stake in your fat black heart?

Did you know: the square root of 731,894 is 855.5080362?

Did you know: he will gush forth learning like lava from an erupting volcano?

Did you know: I become him to undo him?

Did you know: I’m a charlatan?

Did you know: almost any story is almost certainly some kind of lie?

Did you know: scientific interest in infrastructure has tried to understand the mechanical, human, and natural forces that impact the flow of information and services?

Did you know: the air is full of naked men and women, rushing back and forth?

Did you know: animality is not a state, essence, or genus, but a complex space cross-cut by voyages of all kinds?

Did you know: technologies are shaping places and selves?

Did you know: translation wounds?

Did you know: fifty million years from now, Africa will have collided with Europe, the Mediterranean will have disappeared, and a mountain range will have been forced up in its place?

Did you know: I know a lot of things?

Did you know: I know nothing but things?

Did you know: knowing is not worth nothing?

Did you know: nothing is what I do not know?

Did you know: nothing is worth not knowing?

Did you know: water is fundamentally connected to both time and space in many indigenous ontologies?

Did you know: what a limitless world of appearances lies concealed beneath the great seas?

Did you know: Daddy drinks because you cry?

Did you know: it is the price he has to pay for knowledge to be forever excluded from the world of talking animals?

Did you know: paternity is a legal fiction?

Did you know: who’s your Daddy?

Did you know: zimzim urullala zimzim urullala zimzim zanzibar zimzalla zam?

Did you know: ethnographic research after natural disasters can uncover the dynamic, plural, and hybrid ways that communities understand and respond to extreme events?

Did you know: she has made the Worm, the Dragon, the Female Monster, the Great Lion, the Mad Dog, the Man Scorpion, the Howling Storm?

Did you know: wealth is a critical determinant of well-being?

Did you know: I have had to kill you?

Did you know: a scientific study requires that the factors behind these behaviors be disaggregated from potentially confounding variables?

Did you know: the secret names of trees?

Did you know: she had been dead for several hours by the time her body was found?

Did you know: she had tried dying before?

Did you know: all those who have preceded us return to speak when we speak, they return to see when we see, feel when we feel?

Did you know: the seeing eye is the organ of tradition?

Did you know: we demand the right to opacity?

Did you know: Daddy, Daddy, you bastard, I’m through?