Photo by Vanessa Bowen.

it is eel-like
the reach of corporations
who worm their way thru
loophole after loophole
to take eminent domain
over the landscape
for the sake of some coal
or even black gold
and often we are told
It will be good for the nation

but this is a nation
of encroaching corporations
who have sky-scraped
through Mount Olympus
to control the laws that
govern us
and corrupt the ones who swore
to protect us

this land is no mans land
when it can seized by a court order
stolen by bureaucracy
by proxy of a bank

It was only a matter of time
before a new hydra was born
out of the entrails of a dead plutocracy
whose oily tentacles
have now reached across our waters
across our reservations
selling a pipe dream
to an awakening nation

It is time to fight oil for water
It is time to fight oil with blood
for we have countless ancestors
fighting through us
fighting with us
let their voices slay
the many heads
of the black snake

let our words be the scythe
let our prayers be the fire
that cauterizes the wounds
of this greedy beast of an empire