Image by Aanya Chugh.

This series is a collaboration between the Screening Room and Ethnocine Collective, whose members are Elena Guzman, Emily Hong, Miasarah Lai, Laura Menchaca Ruiz, Mariangela Mihai, and Natalie Nesvaderani. The series was envisioned by Mariangela, organized and produced by Elena and Natalie, and supported by Emily, Miasarah, and Laura.


Get By (2014) by Emily Hong follows two recycling workers, Stanley McPherson and Milton Webb, as they bring their struggle for a living wage to the legislature, media, and the streets of Ithaca, New York. An exploration of precarity, worker-community solidarity, and urban democracy, the film raises key questions about the public value of increasingly privatized work, and the challenges of organizing across divides of race and class.


Director/Producer: Emily Hong

Co-Producer: Milton Webb

Associate Producer: Stanley McPherson

Get By, 2014.