From Reciprocity to Relationality: Anthropological Possibilities

Recently, the discipline of anthropology has faced much-needed critique from a chorus of young and dynamic scholars. These critiques emerged in the face of the scandal surrounding the journal HAU. In this Hot Spots series, sixteen anthropologists attend to calls for an open and robust discussion about anthropology and its possible futures, given the power dynamics of racism, elitism, sexism, and violence within the field historically and continuing into the present. Each of the essays in this series responds to all or part of the following question:

In the wake of #HAUtalk and in the face of conversations and debates about decolonization; the #MeToo movement; academic precarity; academic racism, sexism, and elitism; the horrifying state of the planet today; and open-access publishing, what kind of anthropology do you see as important and relevant for the future of the field and the future of training students?

Posts in This Series

Introduction: From Reciprocity to Relationality

Regenerating Anthropologies with Hau

Underwater Anthropology

Hijacking the Elevator

Whose Worlds? Whose Anthropologies?

The Future of Anthropology Starts from Within

Fugitive Work: On the Criminal Possibilities of Anthropology

Theory Isn’t What It Used to Be

Anthropology after #MeToo

Still Naughty after All These Years?

Melanesian Anthropology Em Nem Nating

Beyond the Hot Take

A is for Anthropology, Affordances, Ambivalence, Aotearoa

Anthropology Needs You Much More than You Need Anthropology


Afterword: Why Anthropology?