Speculative Anthropologies

At the intersection of speculative fiction and anthropology, we find a sense of epistemological humility about the kind of worlds we could or should inhabit. Yet epistemological humility should not be confused with futility: possibilities and potentialities still matter. We do not know what we are capable of, and yet that need not keep us from the pursuit of what ifs. Through the imaginative interpellations of speculative fiction (SF), the contributors to this Theorizing the Contemporary series gravitate toward new localities and means of presence: ecological, technological, Afro-futuristic. Facing the imminent prospect of both disaster and discovery, they call us to resist despair and to craft tangible ways of shaping and repairing the worlds we still hope for.

Posts in This Series

Introduction: Speculative Anthropologies

The Unstable Edge: Anthropology, Speculative Fiction, and the Incremental Threat of Sea Level Rise

Our Present as the Past’s Fictitious Future

Solarpunking Speculative Futures

Thinking Parabolically: Time Matters in Octavia Butler’s Parables

Looking for Humanity in Science Fiction through Afrofuturism

Planeterra Nullius: Science Fiction Writing and the Ethnographic Imagination

Fieldnotes from the Twilight Zone

Invisible City: A Speculative Guide

First Contact with Possible Futures

Speculative Fiction and Speculating about the Social

Evidently SF

Anthropology’s Latent Futures

Unbounding the Field/Note

The Necessary Tension between Science Fiction and Anthropology