Lina Pinto Garcia

Lina Pinto-García is a postdoctoral researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center for Development Studies (Cider) at the Universidad de los Andes and a research affiliate at the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society (InSIS) at the University of Oxford. Her ethnographic work explores the intersections between public health, biomedicine, extractivism, and violence in Colombia.

Recent Publications:

Pinto-García, Lina. 2019. “Disentangling War and Disease in Post-Conflict Colombia beyond Technoscientific Peacemaking.” Tapuya: Latin American Science, Technology and Society: 1–18.

Pinto-García, Lina. 2019. “Weaponized Flies.” Centre for Imaginative Ethnography. Visceral. July 18.

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Inclusión Prostética / Prosthetic Inclusion

Visual and New Media Review

Inclusión Prostética / Prosthetic Inclusion

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